Passion Force 4 – Faith

Be trusting. Have faith that you can realize the full potential of what you are passionate about.

One of the most powerful engines of passion is faith in an external agency. Though faith may seem to have been marginalized in today’s seemingly rational society, it still works behind the scenes in many areas.

a Sadhu in Vârânasî, India.

Image via Wikipedia

Religion plays a dominant role in the lives of millions of people in the world today. Priests, nuns, monks, sadhus and mullahs are known to accomplish tremendous feats of social work and penance. Their faith in God and their religious ideals is the rocket fuel in their lives.

The term evangelical fervor come from a passion driven by a belief in God and the desire to convert other people to your way of thinking. This passion has sent explorers out to new lands, triggered numerous holy wars and changed entire demographics and cultures.

Oriental martial artists go through harsh training regimens and become lean mean human fighting machines. Their ruthless discipline arises from the strict codes of their specific martial art. Their devotion to this credo and their all consuming faith in the mentor or sensei turns their lives into passionate experiences which are not for the feeble or faint of heart.

In modern sports we see the same phenomenon displayed with players and their coaches. A dynamic coach can inspire his team to put in a passionate performance. If the players do not have faith in the coach or their fellow team mates, the team fails to coordinate and the game is lost. The faith equation between sportsman and trainer is particularly important in endurance sports like gymnastics and athletics.

A footballer may in turn be driven by his faith in his fans. A corporate executive may be passionate about his employees and shareholders. Faith, emotion and inspiration are alive and kicking in every corner of human activity.

Which external agency are you focusing on? God? Your boss? Your coach? Your community or country? Decide on what moves you and use that agency as a star to guide you and drive your passion.

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