Passion at Home

You needn’t go far to realize your passion.

Getting passionate about your career and blazing a glorious path at the office is great. But don’t let your loved ones suffer from a lack of passion at home. A proper balance has to be struck by giving love to your spouse and children too.

A passionate lifelong affair with your wife or husband can do wonders in your work life too.

You are happy and relaxed and your body glows with the healing effects of healthy loving sex. The love you shower on your children is also reciprocated many times over.

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A man is truly respected if he excels in all his roles – as a worker, a son, a husband and a father (and even a grandfather) and a community member. Devote time and passion to all these roles. When you have genuinely mastered the art of passion, you will find that it pervades every minute of your day, be it in the boardroom or bedroom or playroom.

Passion can become a double-edged sword if not wielded properly. Spending hours and hours of obsessed extra time at the workplace can affect your health as well as your family relations. Neglecting to attend your son’s school events and not cheering him at his football match can create an alienation that can never be repaired. An unfulfilled spouse can also prove very damaging in the long run. A marriage can fall apart and a string of unhappy one night stands can never take the place of a loving caring relationship.

Passion is not about throwing huge family parties where everyone can feed on your wealth. It isn’t about giving a no-limit credit card to your wife or the latest bike to your son. It is spending time and effort to share your life and soul with your loved ones. Passion lies in transmitting your passion for life to your children, your wife and all around you.

Your passion could be a great tool that could take you places.

 Don’t stifle it. Don’t let it die.

Instead, give it the right fuel and watch it blaze like an inferno.

 This would be the inferno of your success.

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