Seabee Lou

Lou’s website tells the story of a young man who at 19 years of age enlisted in the U.S. Navy in December of 1942.  Lou Rodriguez was born in Humboldt County on California’s north coast.  He was raised in San Francisco and graduated from Lowell High School.  Lou lived to be 91 years old, and was married for 63 years.

Some years ago he wrote about his experiences in the US Navy Seabees during WW-II and this site tells his stories…


Occupy Oakland becomes “Occupy Foreclosed And Abandoned Properties”

Occupy Oakland finally moved off of public property and now they are taking the protest directly to the people they (and most people) consider to be largely responsible for the current financial and mortgage crises —

Last night, the Oakland General Assembly — the democratic decision-making body of the various occupations around the country — passed a proposal calling on activists to occupy bank-owned, foreclosed, and abandoned properties across the city. Here’s the announcement of the proposal passing on Twitter:

Occupy Oakland General Assembly Calls For Occupying Foreclosed And Abandoned Properties.